Well, March just disappeared before I had time to sit down and breathe!
My mom, some friends and I went to the first ever Miniatures Convention in Cape Town from the 17th to 19th March; where we were so welcomed!  For two and a half days we attended workshops where we mini-ed from 8.30am to 6.00pm.  In that time I managed to make: a pot of orchids, a picnic hamper, another doll-in-a-box, Raggedy Anne and a wedding cake.
On the 20th, we attended the Auction, where my Crinoline Bride sold for R750.00.  (Sue - please take care of my precious!)  My 1885 Bride did not meet her reserve price - so I gladly brought her home!
I have also completed Bride # 2 in Dana Burton's series - Tansy and am eagerly awaiting the Bride # 3 workshop in April.
Also to do in April - the Autumn Swap for the on-line South African minis.  I haven't yet decided what to make as my contribution.
Over the Easter Weekend I finally started to work on the white dolls that Diane Yunnie has made for me.  I know exactly how I want to dress them - in the style of Victoria Frances' Victorian Gothic Vampires and have been collecting luxury fabric and trims for ages!