I can't believe it's August already!  They say that time goes by faster the older you get.  I guess that's true - but I feel the same as last year; or 10 years ago for that matter.
I've really been busy since my last post...
Last year when I went to the Kensington Show, I bought some really special wallpaper, intending to rip out the panelling in my dollshouse halls and replace with cream paper at the top and green and gold on the bottom half.  Well - its done!  A very difficult job as now the stairs, windows and door frames are glued in and refuse to budge!  I'm very happy with the result however, even though I strained all the muscles over my left shoulderblade and ached for about six weeks!!!!!
I have also dressed a few dolls: - a little Victorian Teenager with her own dollie in a Di Yunnie class - "Titania" (a fantasy / Medieval queen) and a few others to be put up in the "Doll Diaries" shortly.
I still have to do "Corsette", the final Bride in Dana Burton's Bride series; as well as her mermaid class.  I have also enrolled in Dana's "Mist and Magic" online theme.  I have to design and make a doll in the Medival / fantasy theme, which I have already decided to call "Bryony".  Keep checking this site - there will be lots of eye candy as well as tutorials and classes!