This is a progress photo (almost halfway) of the carpet I am making for the bedroom in the dollshouse.  I have picked out embroidery thread to match the colours in the two rose paintings I bought at the DAME show at the end of July - nearly 3 weeks to get this far!!!

What do you think?

Its my turn to moderate on the MSATMiniDolls list today and its the weirdest thing to post messages to people who are in a different time zone (about 7 hours behind) and who are all probably sleeping while I'm in the middle of my day!  Hopefully though, they will have an interesting topic of conversation when they do go online.
My topic today is "Wigmaking" and I have also uploaded the tutorials on my Tutorials page for your information.

Spent nearly the whole long weekend "playing" with my dollshouse, which is a UFO more than 10 years old LOL!
A few years ago, a friend - Louis Kleyntjens, cut out the harpsichord featured in the Motts Furniture book.  Well, after replacing the parts which gave me trouble,  and throwing out others (my fault, not Louis'), it is finally complete, with a piano bench which opens to show the stored music sheets.

Took lots of new photos of new arrangements of furniture, etc, but when uploaded to my computer, I was horrified to see large specks of dust and sticky marks.  I'm going to have to do another Spring Clean!
Just completed a cutlery canteen I started more than a year ago!  The box is 3cm x 3cm x 1.5cm high! Click on the photo to see inside.
(not getting much sleep lately)

Dinner is served!
Spent Sunday putting food on the table - LOL.
The side board in the dollhouse dining room has now been loaded with the evening meal.  There is a tureen of soup; a seafood platter with salmon, crab, prawns and oysters; roast beef and potatoes, with side dishes of beetroot and broccoli; and a dish of lamb stew.
I also spent time writing a tutorial (with photos) on Basic Wigmaking.  This is for my moderating day on 16/08/12 for the MSAT Mini Dolls group and will also be available here after the 16th

Click for larger picture
I have been looking for a narrow shelf or cupboard for the remaining space in the study to display some beautiful handblown glass decanters and wine carafes on.  I bought these at the Kensington Miniature Festival in 2009 and haven't dared to take them out of the packaging.
At the DAME Miniature Show last Saturday I found this kit by Everything Laser, and after chopping the shelves in half and adding a mirror behind - it was perfect.
The top shelf holds 2 Wine Carafes with matching glasses, all with gold rims.
The middle holds 3 plain decanters with little sterling silver tags hanging from the neck which label them as rum, hock and vodka.
The bottom shelf contains a whiskey decanter with matching glasses and a soda siphon.  I wish my camera could take better close-ups - the decanters are only about 1.5cm from base to neck!
(Sorry about the black blob behind the decanters - its a reflection of my camera!)