YAY!!!  I've just completed the carpet for Milady's bedroom.  I altered the original design to make it slightly larger by adding the outer floral border.  The matching oval rug is also almost complete - just needing a fringe.  The cushions need backs, but the footstool is also complete.  Below is a photo of Milady's bedroom with the carpet in position.
Still no or intermittent internet connection, but I have been hard at work on the carpet for Milady's Bedroom.  The stitching has been completed and the piece blocked.  As soon as it is stretched dry, I will be able to neaten the edges.  In the mean time, I have started a small matching rug for the bay window area, to be followed by a set of cushions for the chaise I intend to make.  I am imagining a sort of mini vignette in the bay window: - a chaise with pretty cushions; a lap desk with fancy notepaper, letters, etc; spectacles on a chain with an embroidered spectacle case; and of course, a cat in the most comfortable spot! 

I haven't had access to the internet for the past week - so haven't been able to update my activities.  I have been busy though! 
Some time ago I bought a few sets of little oval boxes - there are three sizes where the smallest box is only about 2cm wide and the largest is about 6cm wide.  I thought they would make lovely hat boxes which could be stacked.  I invited Shirley Nixon and my Mom around to play, and we spent the day covering the boxes with pretty paper, lace and ribbons.  We also made a bonnet to peek out of the smallest box.  I was so happy with mine - I made 2 sets!
I have also made some progress on the petit point rug I'm making for Milady's bedroom.......

And I've joined the Doll-a-Month Club on the MSAT Doll List, whereby we have to submit a photo of one of our UFO's and make some progress towards completing it every week - now that's incentive!
My first UFO is a lady dressed in a gown from the height of Marie Antoinette era, when the side panniers on a lady's gown were so wide she had to pass through a door sideways!  She needs her arms (with sleeves) a high white wig and loads of trimmings to finish her.