Grr.... the frustration!
I had to unpick the border of roses as well as the 3 border rows on the right hand side, because I was 1 stitch out!  It took me 3 hours because I had to be very careful not to snip the canvas.  Thank goodness for the James Bond movie festival on TV!  It gives me something to glace at while occupied with such a mind-blowing, boring and frustrating task.

To save my sanity, I also worked on the chaise lounge kit Jeanene of Everything Laser has cut for the DAME club in Durban.  Here it is in Milady's bedroom bay window; upholstered in silk dupion fabric to match the curtains and quilt.  There is also a matching bolster cushion as well as the cushions I embroidered to match the rug and carpet.  A vintage lace collar in a triangular shape (which I didn't want to cut up) makes a lovely lace shawl to drape over the back of the chaise, which also adds interest when viewed from the outside in. Milady's glasses are lying next to a photo album I purchased at the Kensington Miniature Festival in 2009.  Now I want to make a spectacle case for the glasses!

"Louis" room box carpet - progress photo
After the completion of the the Teddy Bear series, I leaped straight into making this carpet, while I still on a roll!
This pattern is the same as the turquoise blue one I made originally for Milady's bedroom, but this one is intended for a stand-alone room box I started some time ago.  The plain roombox was given to me by friends, Louis & Priscilla Kleintjens as a Christmas present some years ago and which I never completed - because it needed a carpet and I wasn't in the mood to make one!
Once complete, the roombox will be Narcissa Vane's boudoir, which is a reflection of her love of luxury and narcissistic personality.

More photo's soon....

Last night I completed the blocking and "finishing off" of some accessories for the Day Nursery.  There is a small rug and a trio of cushions all with a Teddy Bear theme done in pastel colours.  I know that "Teddy Bears" only came into fashion after 1902, but I liked the pattern.... and it's MY house, so I can do as I please! LOL.  There are also some more photos on the "Embroidery" page.

For fun, I also made this little "Welcome" door mat on Sunday.  It's so simple, it only took about 2 hours to complete.  Its now in place by the front door, but I think to really look finished, it needs a boot scraper as well.
The rug and carpet set for Milady's bedroom, as well as matching footstool and cushions are complete!  Now I just have to make the chaise lounge.
Next petite point project already started.......