Just a quick progress update on my "Louis Box" carpet.  Just the cream background to complete the outer border, then it is ready for blocking and finishing off.  While I'm busy with all the coloured threads for the roses on my needle, I have also started working on a few cushions to carry the rose theme through.  Just wait until I have finished dressing the bed - its way out!
I have also had time to continue playing with Fimo this weekend while the weather was more co-operative.  No photo's of my efforts in miniature baking as yet though.

Progress on my petite point has been slow!  Because of some of the changes to the colour scheme, I ran out of some of the embroidery threads needed.  But clever me - I managed to persuade my daughter to get them for me on her next visit to the dreaded Pavilion!
While I was waiting, I thought it was the ideal time to play with Fimo. (Of course, just because I want to play with Fimo, the weather changes from cool, drizzly days to a sweltering, humid heat wave and the Fimo gets really sticky!)
Anyway, out came my favorite books for this type of work: Angie Scarr's "Miniature Food Masterclass" and "Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls" as well as Sue Heaser's "Making Dollhouse Miniatures with Polymer Clay" and "Dollhouse DIY Food Displays".  I spent a lovely relaxing day paging through these books and practicing the techniques on a variety of dainties, scones with jam & cream, macaroons and cupcakes.
Photo's of my attempts to follow - the ones I took were horribly blurred - its not easy to take photo's of items smaller than your little fingernail!
I have recently discovered Pininterest and have discovered people who share my obsession, I mean....... interests.  I have been constructing my own "boards" with a collection of links to sites with the most amazing miniatures.  Pininterest is a great way of collecting "bookmarks", but unlike bookmarks, they are not limited to a single computer, but can be accessed anywhere.  Other people can "follow" your board and in turn you can see their boards, which often leads you to sites you may not have discovered yet.  Click here to link to my boards and see what I have discovered!
I put aside the petite point for 1 day and joined Diane Yunnie who was hosting a workshop at her house on Saturday.  We dressed a Father Christmas and intended to make his pixie as well, which was a bit over ambitious! We had a lovely day - just wish we could get Di to have workshops more often!
Father Christmas is pictured here with a few toys from my stash .. I mean.. COLLECTION!
He is standing in front of a Christmas shop front I made several years ago.

I usually work on my petite point while sitting on my bed propped up by a mountain of pillows.  There is a down light directly above my head, so I can see properly.
Daisy is so determined to be part of the action, that she crawls onto my lap, under the embroidery frame and goes to sleep.  This is what I see when I put the frame aside and look down!