Last night I completed the blocking and "finishing off" of some accessories for the Day Nursery.  There is a small rug and a trio of cushions all with a Teddy Bear theme done in pastel colours.  I know that "Teddy Bears" only came into fashion after 1902, but I liked the pattern.... and it's MY house, so I can do as I please! LOL.  There are also some more photos on the "Embroidery" page.

For fun, I also made this little "Welcome" door mat on Sunday.  It's so simple, it only took about 2 hours to complete.  Its now in place by the front door, but I think to really look finished, it needs a boot scraper as well.
The rug and carpet set for Milady's bedroom, as well as matching footstool and cushions are complete!  Now I just have to make the chaise lounge.
Next petite point project already started.......
YAY!!!  I've just completed the carpet for Milady's bedroom.  I altered the original design to make it slightly larger by adding the outer floral border.  The matching oval rug is also almost complete - just needing a fringe.  The cushions need backs, but the footstool is also complete.  Below is a photo of Milady's bedroom with the carpet in position.
Still no or intermittent internet connection, but I have been hard at work on the carpet for Milady's Bedroom.  The stitching has been completed and the piece blocked.  As soon as it is stretched dry, I will be able to neaten the edges.  In the mean time, I have started a small matching rug for the bay window area, to be followed by a set of cushions for the chaise I intend to make.  I am imagining a sort of mini vignette in the bay window: - a chaise with pretty cushions; a lap desk with fancy notepaper, letters, etc; spectacles on a chain with an embroidered spectacle case; and of course, a cat in the most comfortable spot! 

I have re-organised things a bit - look at the Doll House section.  This way you will be able to see just where each room is situated, then you can see it in more detail.  Not all rooms have been uploaded as yet - they are not fit to be seen as yet.  No rooms are completely finished - there is always space for a new cushion, vase or picture, LOL!