Progress on my petite point has been slow!  Because of some of the changes to the colour scheme, I ran out of some of the embroidery threads needed.  But clever me - I managed to persuade my daughter to get them for me on her next visit to the dreaded Pavilion!
While I was waiting, I thought it was the ideal time to play with Fimo. (Of course, just because I want to play with Fimo, the weather changes from cool, drizzly days to a sweltering, humid heat wave and the Fimo gets really sticky!)
Anyway, out came my favorite books for this type of work: Angie Scarr's "Miniature Food Masterclass" and "Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls" as well as Sue Heaser's "Making Dollhouse Miniatures with Polymer Clay" and "Dollhouse DIY Food Displays".  I spent a lovely relaxing day paging through these books and practicing the techniques on a variety of dainties, scones with jam & cream, macaroons and cupcakes.
Photo's of my attempts to follow - the ones I took were horribly blurred - its not easy to take photo's of items smaller than your little fingernail!