Grr.... the frustration!
I had to unpick the border of roses as well as the 3 border rows on the right hand side, because I was 1 stitch out!  It took me 3 hours because I had to be very careful not to snip the canvas.  Thank goodness for the James Bond movie festival on TV!  It gives me something to glace at while occupied with such a mind-blowing, boring and frustrating task.

To save my sanity, I also worked on the chaise lounge kit Jeanene of Everything Laser has cut for the DAME club in Durban.  Here it is in Milady's bedroom bay window; upholstered in silk dupion fabric to match the curtains and quilt.  There is also a matching bolster cushion as well as the cushions I embroidered to match the rug and carpet.  A vintage lace collar in a triangular shape (which I didn't want to cut up) makes a lovely lace shawl to drape over the back of the chaise, which also adds interest when viewed from the outside in. Milady's glasses are lying next to a photo album I purchased at the Kensington Miniature Festival in 2009.  Now I want to make a spectacle case for the glasses!

What a wonderful weekend!
On Saturday I drove my mom, Shirley, and our friend, Shirley, to the DAME Show.  While I was disappointed in not being able to get the items on my "Needy" list, I did find a few treasures.
I had vowed to only buy items that could find a home in my dolls house - so I bought:
This lovely hand painted picture which now hangs above Milady's bed. (Click on painting to see)
This pair of Rose paintings which now hang above Milady's dressing table
- a box of books and a cheap printed carpet which I am going to chop in half, add fringing, roll up and stand in a corner of the attic.
- some beautiful beads that will become ornate jars to stand to the mantleshelf in the diningroom.
- a laser cut wooden shelf kit that, with a small alteration, will hang on the study wall and hold some beautiful hand blown decanters which have been kept in their tissue paper wrappings since I bought them at the Kensington Show 3 years ago!

The 2 Shirley's stayed the night and on Sunday we had a lovely time dressing a doll each in a "Marie Antoinette" style.  There was much laughter over the unwieldy skirts that were in style in 1775!  Pictures coming soon!